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So..... Dreamwidth....

I think that is time to make a little home here too, since my favorite writers and Senpais are walking around here.

Well. You know I am an Arashi fan. Yes. Also, that Nino is my ultimate Ichiban. Let's then talk about how it started.

I am Brazilian, living in a small town in the State of São Paulo. I have postgraduate degree in management and work with import representation in a family engineering company.

I live with my family and I have a cat that I love with all my heart.

I've never had further information about Japan, besides the basics: raw fish, Kanji, amazing temples and martial arts. Have never ever heard about Idols before.

BUT!!! I like comic books and cartoons!!!

Here in Brazil, I had watched to Princess Knight, Sailor Moon, The Prince of Tennis, Evangelion, without really associate them to Japan, since they were dubbed in Portuguese.

So one day, in December of 2012, I was on line looking for these kind of "cartoons".

I found the anime Bokura ga Ita. I watched it and I found it simply beautiful!!!!! And of course, I needed more!


I discovered that there was a " Live Action " of it..... Whaaaatt??!!! Japanese people turned cartoon into movies that were not superheros characters???!!!

I watched the two-parts live action of Bokura ga Ita..... with Ikuta Toma...... OH-MY-GOD!!!! I wanted him for me!!!! Who was he?!! More!!! HanaKimi!!!! O.O More!!!!!!! Johnny's?? What's that?!!!

Hana Yori Dango......... (✰ᆺ✰ )

Doumyōji....... Jun..... Jun..... JUN!!!!!! I wished to born again in Japan and marry him!!!

And then..... Arashi~~ During Popcorn Live Tour..... What-was-that?? Who were that boys?!!!!

In a few days I was drowning in rainbows!!!! Baby steps in all directions!!! So much to see, to understand, to learn!!! And I still feel like this.... learning, discovering, living!

Ikuta Toma always will have a special spot in my heart.

I am a proud Jun-baited.

I love Arashi <3


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